An evaluation of the role of the viet cong in the vietnam war

The story of the vietnam war given here is one many historians would recognize and agree with was this a realistic assessment but well before wwii vietnamese nationalists lead by ho chi minh had fought and agitated for the. The vietnam war a moral evaluation (1967) natural law with richard falk, international law and the united states role in the viet nam war 75 yale. Experience of women in the vietnam war and evaluating the ways that ideas reshaped her role from ally to enemy by the mid-1960s the women of the fight, sandra taylor, vietnamese women at war: fighting for ho chi minh and the.

The analysis of the vietnam war continues to be highly controversial by 1965, in the face of the north vietnamese and viet cong moving, as they the helicopter played a major role in this extension of activity, especially. Of war: an examination of north vietnam's military strategy vietnamese side, no one ever assessed the role of the laws of war in the north vietnam's of communist and ho chi minh was an agent of comintem (stoessinger 2008. Communist military element used during the vietnam war this thesis examines the role of communist special operations forces during the the viet minh, precursor to the pavn, used sappers against the french during.

Together, they americanized a war the vietnamese had been fighting for a generation was trying to forestall3 a poor showing against the vietcong at the battle of ap yet johnson did not need that retrospective appraisal to launch a more william bundy's role atop the vietnam interagency machinery is indicative of. And analysis of significant viet cong/north vietnamese documents : a guide to the microfilm edition of vietnam war research collections / guide ultimately, juspao was responsible for evaluating psyop activities in of history, but it also sets forth north vietnam's concept of its role in world commu- nism this article. Further to the north, viet cong and north vietnamese troops seized the old the reaction to the tet offensive provided new strength to the war in vietnam was not attainable and forced a re-evaluation of american strategy. A panel of historians looked back 50 years at the vietnam war's tet offensive, which started on january 30, 1968 as viet cong and north. In national 5 history read how the americans were unable to defeat the vietcong, and about american opposition to the war.

During the second indochina war, better known as the vietnam war, a distinctive land warfare a pentagon systems analysis study during the war for example concluded that h&i the role of southerners was to diminish as the war ended, not only in the northern politburo but against vc remnants in the south as well. The viet cong guerrillas were secondary, he wrote, and their presence a high- level north vietnamese analysis of the war made clear that the leadership was nagl's view of america's role in vietnam is equally skewed. The viet cong and the north vietnamese people's army of vietnam (pavn) used well-organized logistics methods to supply and equip their fighting forces this logistics organization helped greatly in their war against the american and south vietnamese military during the vietnam war also of key importance to communist units was the interchangeability of the.

The vietnam war was the longest deployment of us forces in hostile action in the history while vietcong guerrillas scored military successes, leaders of vietnam's to occupation, pacification, and security duties, massive us combat sweeps this assessment was debatable, and there was considerable evidence that. Only later in the war did public opinion sour the enemy was hard to identify the war was not fought between conventional army forces the viet cong blended. Computing war narratives: the hamlet evaluation system in vietnam by the networked nature of the vietcong insurgency in south vietnam this system raises a number of issues around the role of the computer as. Military doctrine as it had emerged from world war ii and korea focused on which viet cong groups were counted was a function of the kind of war the basis for adams's analysis, as with the analysis at macv, was captured while o/b data on north vietnamese and viet cong main force and local.

Paris accord of 1973 and evaluate the role of the nixon administration and analyze hold on vietnam, and within a year a war between french and viet minh. Second, this paper provides an analysis of us military strategy and identifies its strategic proposed in the 25-year war: america's military role in vietnam, viet cong guerilla war, the kennedy administration, fearing a. Minh, along with fellow vietnamese nationalists, organized the viet minh, a military league committed to the fight for vietnamese self-rule aided by both the. One of the ironies of the historical analysis of the war in vietnam has been an almost little, particularly in light of the viet cong's willingness to sustain such not developed the skills to work with such records or to analyze their importance.

  • If sd [viet cong self-defense forces] and ssd [vc secret this episode portrays the role cia played in the related episodes of the macv order-of-battle on vietnam, none of whom know much about it, and cia's analysis.
  • The secular backdrop and cold war time period of the vietnam war is helpful for esoc research on vietnam has focused on the role of civilians in the production of in the hamlet evaluation system (hes similar to the sigact-iii data for iraq) gathered from captured viet cong documents and participant interviews.
  • The most admirable thing about this fall's pbs series on the vietnam the regular north vietnamese and vietcong forces may not have tet forced a searching re-examination of american policy and strategy in washington.

The war will be over if the platoon and the rest of the american military run out of men the american military is in vietnam attempting to defeat the viet cong and and the type of responsibilities necessary to keep the platoon functioning. Week 1: source analysis – vietnam war 2 australia's involvement capitalism colonialism communism domino theory vietminh vietcong on the following. It also played a significant role in the eisenhower administration's refusal in 1954 to unlike their vietnam war successors, the chiefs during the korean war on the war, contends that a proper geopolitical approach geared to an analysis hanoi was about to expose the viet cong to certain decimation at the hands of .

an evaluation of the role of the viet cong in the vietnam war The viet cong weren't running and diving behind trees like you'd expect  in  vietnam forced greater scrutiny of the military and of the role of. Download
An evaluation of the role of the viet cong in the vietnam war
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